Thursday, April 30, 2009

Girl Talk Thursday.

This week over at Mommy Melee, she's talking spending some dough. $50.00 smackers any way you wish.

I would love to take $50.00 and have my hair highlighted and colored. I have auburn colored hair and I want blond up front with red streaks in the back. Give me something different! I haven't had my hair colored in a few years, and I'm jonesing to do it now! I either a. don't have the time or b. don't have the money.

Now that we've bought a new car (Sylvia or Stella, which name is better?)...I really don't have the money! Such is life. It could be worse, I could have to color my hair because of grays, thankfully. I'm not there. Yet.


  1. Man, if you can find someone to color your hair for $50, LET ME KNOW. Around here a haircut alone is $60 (anywhere but Supercuts), and coloring is usually $80, at minimum.

    Luckily I know a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy. I get my hair done in my friend's living room every couple of months.

  2. Stella!
    I want my hair done too!

  3. I need my hair done too, it's been too long. It would cost me more than $50 though

  4. No way! My car's name is Sylvia! Nice!

    Also, I held my breath through a box of Revlon highlights in March, and it turned out perfect! I was more than a little surprised. Now, I should've written down the name of the stuff...

  5. My vote is for Stella too. Reminds me of my Mom's morbidly obese cat.

    I could stand for a new hair someone other than Great Clips. Hhmmmm

  6. I really, really need a hair cut. So I'm feeling you on that one. I've never had it professionally colored though, other than the time I accidentally bleached it gray and had to have it turned brown again. Fail.


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