Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Suck It Up

Remember when I was sniffling over this? Well, I've been thinking long and hard about it. I've come to the conclusion of so-fucking-what.

Honestly, the blogosphere is a big place, it's a playground that keeps on growing. Who fucking cares that Seeryus Mama is turning into a review blog? Big fucking deal. Does it make me any less worthy? No. Don't like, don't read it! And certainly don't fucking enter my giveaways. I don't lie and I don't cheat. Don't like what I write, then don't read it!

There is nothing I hate more than people who say one thing and do another. At least have the balls to stand up for what you believe in. Not what other people think you should believe in. Or what you want other people to think you believe in.

So you have 20,000+ visitors a day. Good for you. I know what you are doing with those numbers, as well as any other "review" blogger. You're shouting them out to PR reps, because you like free shit just as much as the next person. Don't say you aren't. Congratu-fucking-lations. I hope it makes you feel like a bigger and better person. And to those that don't review? Fantastic. You just keep on doing what you are doing. Don't hate on me because I'm not doing it your way. Think of what a boring ass place the world would be if we were all the same.

The bottom line, think I'm a carpetbagger? Super. Think I'm just a review blogger? Great. Say it out loud, let me know who you are. Don't talk shit, then turn around and play nice. I want to hear it.

You know, I'll still be around in 20 years. Why? Because I like what I do. Whether anyone sticks with me...that's to be seen. I don't mind talking to myself.


  1. You know, a big part of me is thinking who cares what anyone else thinks. Brush your shoulders off. - What's so wrong with being a review blog anyway? I guess I just don't get it. People sure do seem to get their panties in bunch over weird things. But then other part {the part that used to get me in trouble} is grumbling obscenities.

    The blogosphere IS a big place. People will say what they want, sometimes just to get a rise out of everyone else. Their sh*t still smells like sh*t. Their kids still pick their noses.

  2. Yesterday I was watching The View and they were talking about how sometimes people act a certain way on a reality show because they know that it gets a rise out of people. Because it makes for "good TV." I guess when people complain about us & call us names it makes for "good reading." I just wish that those who feed off of drama were honest about it so I could be sure to steer clear. I graduated high school long ago & I have no desire to go back.

  3. What I'm about to say you can take it for what it's worth. And I'm not trying to be rude or mean, just being a friend that's honest! :)

    I've kinda gotten tired of all the reviews! :( I miss the old Sky blogger!! So I do have to say that I "LOOOOVE IT!!" that you've got this blog going! I'm still going to come to Seeryus Mama, but I'll probably be commenting here ALOT more often!

    Then again I can't seem to get my ass in gear to do anything blog worthy, so what do my words count! Just keep up the GREAT work, no matter where you do it!


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