Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Fall off the Face of the Earth Much?

So, where the hell have I been, eh? My apologies. I've been a bit busy.

Without a lot to say. I guess there hasn't been anyone to piss me off lately! That can't be right, I can always find time to bitch!

Tonight my husband came home and asked "How good of a day did you have?" Not, "Did you have a good day?", which in my mind is a completely different question. Anyway the convo went a little something like this...

Me: What did you do?

Him: I'm just asking!

Me: No, seriously. What did you do?

Him: Let's just say an opportunity arose today.

Me: What did you do? (Do you see the pattern?)

Him: Bought a dump truck.

Me: It better have Tonka on the side of it and can be pushed by hand.

It doesn't and it can't. He honest to God bought a freaking dump truck. Why? Not a clue. We don't need a dump truck, we have pickups, pickup box trailers an enclosed trailer and flatbed trailer.

For the love of all that is Holy...we do not need a dump truck!

Yet, we now own one. What goes through their minds? Anyone have any insight out there you can pass along?

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  1. Um. No. One time my hubby gave me shit about buying a trailer for my bicycle to haul the toddler around, to work off some of my big fat butt, and then he came home with a new car the VERY next day.

    But, if you ever run out of bitches again, you can borrow some of mine. I need a place to guest post - cause what I've had to say lately just can't be said where my students and their parents stop by. LOL Still, I threw in "crazy bitch" on my blog last week or so. You'd be proud. (-;


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