Sunday, September 6, 2009

Neglected...Very Neglected

Dear Bloggy-blog...

I apologize. It's been too long. Way too long. I've put you on the back burner, not meaning to, of course.

You are my outlet, my dark side. It's the side I like. It's just that life happens, there are toilets to clean and asses to wipe. You understand, don't you? Not that I'd rather wipe an ass than take the time to write a post, believe you me. I'm not fond of ass wiping. No way!

Back to the business at hand, and you know how I like to take care of business. Me, I kinda stick to my own little corner, talk shit about people behind their back (or do I?) and basically don't give a fuck. I'll pay more attention to you, I will.

But right now the kid, she wants to eat. NOW. I swear, if she could say "meatloaf", it would go a little something like this...

Oh yes, I'm teaching her well.

Your truly,

(Head Bitch In Charge)